The Fuchen Brand

The Fuchen brand has been coordinated to present a clear and consistent branding message to its customers and potential customers: Red Tail Spirits "Fuchen" is ideal for an alternative to the leading competitor and will ignite consumers to try a new herbal liqueur "without the bite". The company's logo, to be... "Fuchen" integrates a sophisticated message into the product with a variety of consistent messages targeted toward customers and communicated with a sense of humor. Let's face it… it's Fuchen awesome!

Red Tail spirits has developed an herbal liqueur, by blending unique ingredients which ultimately produced a bold yet smooth flavor without the harsh bitters and lingering heavy after taste of the leading competitors.The first American designed premium herbal liqueur of it's kind... with its handcrafted quality, higher proof, premium flavor, and unmistakable name...

The traditional German drink has been redefined and improved with sophisticated mingling of vanila, cinnamon, and savory aromatics, Fuchen is produced in small bathces, handcrafted to ensure superior richness, and robust enjoyment.

No more harsh or lingering after taste...Invite your friends to try the bold yet smooth tate of fuchen.

Fuchen is certain to outfox your senses with every sip.